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Sweet Innocence.

For the 18-19″ Evangeline Ghastly Girls.


Ivory French lace with black Venice embroidery.  Back of top and French cut bikini bottoms are done in an ivory Lycra fabric.  Top and bottoms slide on and off the doll.  




Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


After searching the internet for days, I was unable to find a colored wig for my Ellowyne Wilde and Amelia Thimble dolls.

I wanted an unusual wig, something colored but short to match a few outfits I want to make. So I decided to create my own wigs.  These are knitted and if you want to make your own I have added the instructions to this site.

Here are some photos of the wigs I have created.  Let me tell you they are adorable and fun.

Ellowyne Wilde



Amelia Thimble




This weeks fall photos were sent to me by Patti of her Robert Tonner, Evangeline Ghastly doll, wearing a wonderful black outfit and black velvet hooded cape, Patti purchased this cape from me.
Thank you Patti for sharing your wonderful photos.




Finally she’s here my new Evangeline Ghastly doll:  Beautiful Nightmare.

I was a bit undecided which one of these gorgeous dolls to buy but am so glad I purchased this one.

Her pale skin, long silver hair and black lips and nails make her so unique.  So yes beware, I will soon be adding her to my line of doll clothes.


Here’s a sneak peak of a few of my new creations, note, I did change Evangeline’s hair, I didn’t care for the silver hair after I got her and decided to use a black wig from my Ellowyne Wilde doll.

Feeling Blue:  Gorgeous Blue and Black silk velvet dress.

Black Embroidered Skirt, Black and Silver Mesh top and Black pinstripe french lace open front blouse.

Black Knit dress with red, blue and silver metalic threads, this dress is strapless and a perfect fit.