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I belong to a wonderful Yahoo group called:  Imagining Ellowyne Wilde.

Recently they had a pity party contest, members who did not get to attend the Wilde Imagination convention over the weekend, could log in to the group and view a photo and write a caption for it.

I donated a prize for this contest; one of my Ellowyne outfits called Lavender Mist, and Pat, a member of the group was a winner.

She was nice enough to send me these photos of her Essential Ellowyne doll, a repaint by Angela Hoch Tittle.

Thank you Pat for sending me these photos.





After searching the internet for days, I was unable to find a colored wig for my Ellowyne Wilde and Amelia Thimble dolls.

I wanted an unusual wig, something colored but short to match a few outfits I want to make. So I decided to create my own wigs.  These are knitted and if you want to make your own I have added the instructions to this site.

Here are some photos of the wigs I have created.  Let me tell you they are adorable and fun.

Ellowyne Wilde



Amelia Thimble




This photo was sent to me by Patti, of her Ellowyne and Amber wearing some very special outfits.
Aren’t they gorgeous and wearing outfits she purchased from me, except for the shoes.  Thank you Patti!


This photo is of Delilah Noir and Lady Onyx titled:  White Chocolate and Special Dark.  Patti purchased these two mink stoles and hats from me.